Septic Systems Information

Most authorities say to have your septic system pumped out at least every three years. But that could vary quite a bit, depending on how many people your system needs to support, water usage habits and other factors.


For a comprehensive, well written "user manual" for septic systems, click here and you'll be taken to Pipeline, the National Environmental Services Center newsletter dedicated to wastewater issues in small communities. 

Pump-Out Rebates

Our Aquatic Tax District provides partial funding for septic tank and holding tank pump-outs for those with riparian rights. After your system has been pumped out and the bill paid, send a copy of the bill to Kevin Walsh, 730 Fay Road, Syracuse, NY 13219.


The rebate will be for 50% up to $100 of the cost for mainland properties and $150 for island properties. Rebates are limited to one rebate per calendar year per property.