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Passed unanimously July 7, 1990

Revised 1993, 1997, 1998, 2003, 2007, 2016, 2021



The name of the organization shall be The Lake Moraine Association of Madison County, New York State.


A. To work as a group for the improvement of Lake Moraine and its surroundings and thereby        serve the best interests of the Lake Moraine area residents, both permanent and seasonal.

B. To cooperate with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, local               government, planning boards and other public agencies with their initiation, promotion, and       enforcement of policies, practices and legislation designed to protect the lake and its                   related environment from misuse and overuse.

C.  To promote social gatherings, water sports events, classes in boat handling, safety on and         in the water, boating etiquette and other such activities as will lead to friendly relations and       enjoyment for all who use the lake.


A.  REGULAR MEMBER - Membership is available to any individual, family, group, institution, or       owning lake front property. Members will be assessed annual dues as established by the           Association. Membership entitles the property owner to speak and vote at meetings of the         Lake Moraine Association provided current dues have been paid. The property owner (or             owners) of any parcel or parcels on Lake Moraine has (have) only one vote.

B.  ASSOCIATE MEMBER - Associate membership is available to any individual, family, group,          institution, or association not owning property fronting Lake Moraine, but who (which) has          (have) an interest in the affairs and condition of Lake Moraine. Associate Members will be          assessed annual dues as established by the Association. Associate members have no                voting powers in meetings of the Lake Moraine Association, but may speak at meetings of          the Association provided current dues have been paid. Only one person may represent any        property owner (or owners) of one or more parcels.

C.  The fiscal year will begin on January 1.


A. The officers of the Association shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer of the       LMA and Treasurer of the Aquatic Tax District, all five (5) officers to be elected at the third           meeting of the year for a two (2)-year term.

B.  The Board of Directors shall consist of the Officers and eleven (11) Directors.  The directors        shall be elected at the third meeting for a two (2)-year term. The President may appoint              any member to fill any vacancy that may occur on the Board of the LMA.

C. 1. A Recording Secretary may be appointed by the President.

    2.  A candidate for Vice-President must have been on the Board of Directors for one (1) year           immediately prior to the election and must have attended over 50% of the Board of                     Directors meetings during that period.

    3.  A candidate for President must have been on the Board of Directors for two (2) years                   immediately prior to the election and must have attended over 50% of the Board of                     Directors meetings during that period.

D.  The Board of Directors will be the governing body of the Association and will meet as                  necessary to conduct the affairs of the Association. The Board may designate a spokesman        to represent the Association before public bodies but will obtain concurrence of the                    general membership at a regular or special meeting before taking an official position on            any matter of substance affecting the community.

E.  A Board Member forfeits their position when that member has attended fewer than 50% of       the yearly Board of Directors meetings.  Enforcement of removal will be made by the Board       of Directors with a 2/3 vote at the succeeding Board of Directors meeting.  A Board Member       that forfeits their position may not run for re-election for 2 years from the time of removal.         Extenuating circumstances will be considered.



A. General membership meetings.

  1. There will be three (3) general membership meetings a year as follows:

First Meeting: near Memorial Day

Second Meeting: near Independence Day

Third Meeting: near Labor Day

  2.  General membership meeting dates for the year shall be announced in one notice             previous to the first meeting date.

  3.  Special meetings may be called by the President or by two-thirds of the Board of                Directors with one week written notice.

  4.  The President must call a special meeting if petitioned by twenty-five or more                   members in good standing.

  5.  At any regular or special meeting members attending shall constitute a quorum.

  6.  The place of meeting will be in the general Lake Moraine area.

B. Board of Directors Meetings

  1. The Board of Directors shall meet once a month from April through November.

  2. Special Board of Directors meetings may be called by the President or by a majority of the Board of Directors.

  3. At any regular or special meeting of the Board of Directors, members attending shall constitute a quorum.

  4. During the winter months (Dec, Jan., Feb., Mar.) LMA business may still be conducted, either by special meetings or by electronic communication, by the President or his/her designee. All board members must be given the opportunity to act upon any proposed motions or business even though not present at the meeting.


A.  A regular member, as defined under Article III on membership, shall be entitled to one vote.        Groups or associations shall designate one person as their voting representative.

B.  Elections will be held at the third general meeting and those elected will take office at the          conclusion of that meeting.

C.  Nominating Committee

  1. A Nominating/Election Committee shall be appointed by the President in the spring of an election year.

  2. The nominating/election committee shall present a slate of candidates to the Board of Directors at the July Board meeting.

  3. A slate of candidates shall be sent to the general membership at least two weeks prior to the 3rd general membership meeting of an election year.

  4. Additional candidates may be nominated at the election meeting.

D.  Election is by plurality of the regular members present.


The By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds majority of members present at any regular meeting provided that notice of such intention is sent to each member at least ten (10) days previous to said meeting and such notice includes a copy of the proposed amendments.

Click here for a pdf version of the By-Laws

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