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To have a lake related Classified Ad listed,  please contact our Communications Coordinator at Please include your name (for our records) and your email address and/or 

phone number for contact information.

Please let us know when the ad needs to be removed.

The Lake Moraine Island LLC is selling it’s previously used, wooden docks. There are quite a few. Some are usable as is, others need repair and some must be pieced together for use. Please contact Kathy Smith for details at: 315-558-4561


Youth kayak (blue) and a four seater paddle boat with canopy for sale.  Please contact Carol Dewey for details at: 315-824-2647


Free: Boat Hoist, needs work.  Have used for our 18' long inboard/outboard for 17 years.  Must come and get, we are selling the boat.  Located on Sunny Point.  Please contact Joan Armstrong for details: or 315 391-6538










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